April Fools Party Walkthrough

Today, the April Fools Party starts! (coincidentally when the REAL CP closed) Here’s a walk through on how to get the items.

Red Flying Hat

Propeller hats are in the Ski Village

Box Shoes

Box Shoes are in the Dock (where you don’t go superfast)

Crayon Pin

The Crayon Pin is in the Book Room

crazy glasses

These swirly glasses are in the Cove.

Okay, now time for dimensions!

The barrel dimension has the box head, the puzzle looks confusing, but it’s actually just random, so order you need to go in, so just do random ones until you get to the end, where you stand on the button.

Box head

On the Joke Telling Dimension, you just walk towards the hat to get it.jester hat

Box costume

This took a while, but you have to go to the box store, click on the O in store, to get it.

Now that you have all your items, you can go to the strange dimension.


wrong picture…


This. And that’s the walkthrough of the party! I’ll post the catalog cheats later this week. Snow long for now!

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Snow and Sports February 2008

  1. Click on the strings of the Tennis Racket for the Orange Football Helmet.s&s feb 2008 01
  2. How you get the Silver Surfboard.
    1. Change the penguin’s surfboard by clicking on it.
    2. Click the seashell.
    3. Click the starfish.
  3. s&s feb 2008 02
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How to be an Agent

How to join the PSA

  1. Click the Moderator logo on the top right.
  2. Click the speech bubbles
  3. Click the first 3 buttons, then Yes
  4. Answers:
    1. Honest
    2. Being mean or rude
    3. Report them
    4. Saying their address
    5. I want to keep Club Penguin safe
    6. I want to help other penguins

How to join the EPF

  1. Go to the Book Room
  2. Click the 2009-2010 yearbook
  3. Go to the June section
  4. Click the E, P, and F on the Everyday Phoning Facility sign, and the penguin’s phone.
  5. Click “Go there”
  6. Throw a snowball at the target
  7. Go to the green square, and click the red square ONCE (goes faster)
  8. Hide behind the bottom right pillar and throw a snowball at Cam 2
  9. DON’T go to the blue square and throw a snowball at the breakers.
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Welcome to CPR Adventures! Here, I will post stuff about CPR! My username is TrapperClick, and I’m usually on Blizzard.

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